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A library for educators' lifelong learning

ProQuest Professional Education offers a comprehensive research collection of more than
300 magazines and journals for K-12
professional development and continuing education.

A Powerful Platform for Research

ProQuest interface offers users an intuitive search platform with powerful tools to target and find information. Anyone can search by keyword, Boolean logic, topic, or publication. Power searchers can use ProQuest's renowned indexing to construct targeted queries.

But that only scratches the surface of ProQuest's ability to deliver. Several important robust search techniques speed researchers on their quest for information and document the search process.

One-Click Resource Linking allows users to link directly to full text, automatically—wherever it resides electronically. This powerful tool connects researchers to the wealth of full text contained within your holdings, so they'll never miss a thing. With a single click, users get exactly what they want.

ProQuest® Smart Search knows the best search queries even if you aren't always sure how to phrase your questions. Students often type in a keyword, press enter, and hope for the best. Smart Search guarantees they'll get the best. Smart Search utilizes ProQuest indexing by analyzing a search and suggesting topics, dates, and publications that guide users to the most focused content. Usage statistics show that Smart Search has increased search success by more than 20%.

My Research Summary is just what it says—a lasting record of your work online, complete with live links to articles, publications, and saved searches. Edit it, add headings and notes, print it, email it, or download it in a self-contained HTML file for later viewing from any Web browser.

ProQuest Alerts and RSS Feeds keep you abreast of your favorite research topics and publications, bringing the power of ProQuest to your email inbox. Search alerts send you new results for your favorite query. Publication alerts tell you when new issues of favorite titles are available. Setting up an alert is fast and simple—no registration needed. Only an email address is required. You can configure how often you wish to receive email; an expiration date for the alert; custom subject line and message; and more! The alerting service is open to all users, unless you choose to disable it.

Print Citation Feature not only creates and prints a document citation for you, but it will also allow you to automatically generate a bibliography from seven different citation styles, including APA, MLA, Harvard, Vancouver, and Chicago/Turabian.

Translation Features offer eleven different languages for article translation (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish); and six additional languages for interface translation—including Arabic. Translate the interface functionality or any article "on-the-fly" into any of the available languages in less than a minute. Plus, multiple students can use ProQuest in different languages all simultaneously.

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